Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yörük

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yörük
Head of Department

SAS “Foreign Trade and Logistics Department” consists of two different, however closely related fields:  Foreign Trade and Logistics. International goods and services trade within the frame of globalization as well as capital flows have reached a liveliness and complexity recently that cannot be compared with those in the past. The subject of foreign trade discipline consists of different, however complementary areas such as economical basics, transactions and applications, documents used in foreign trade, and foreign trade financing related to the companies in different countries or multinational companies.

On the other hand, “logistics” does not consist of solely transportation as it is sometimes misinterpreted. Logistics is the science of coordinating activities such as delivery, storage or transporting up to the customer’s point of requirement of goods, services and information within an economical plan.

These are the subjects of School of Applied Sciences “Foreign Trade and Logistics Department” in a narrow sense; however, our Department is equivalent with other 4-year higher education institutions in the fields of economics, finance, and business management as SAS is also a 4-year higher education school and has identical curricula and course contents compared to those of similar 4-year universities.


Although foreign trade is an old economic activity, it is getting more and more complex and requires specialization due to globalizing economic relations. Numerous financial products have emerged in the international finance markets to provide foreign trade finance. Firms desperately require specialists who are knowledgeable in modern foreign trade transactions, various documents and finance methods. On the other hand, logistics applications gained great importance in today’s economic relations and foreign trade. Logistics costs constitute a great portion of operating expenses.  Because this field requires specialization, firms are gradually outsourcing these activities to logistics firms. Therefore, specialization in foreign trade and logistics is surely considered among the popular professions of today and the future.

Ticaret Lojistik


Although foreign trade and logistics are different fields of activities, there are very important relations between them. Today, foreign trade can only be carried out within the frame of modern logistics activities. Therefore, people who are specialized in the field of foreign trade applications must also be knowledgeable about logistics. For this reason, concurrence of foreign trade and logistics in our Department is very much advantageous for the students.

The objective of SAS “Foreign Trade and Logistics Department” is to raise specialists who are immensely equipped with knowledge and application on modern foreign trade and logistics sciences. Students may give weight to one of these two fields if they wish so thanks to a great deal of elective courses included in the Department’s course programs. If desired, these two branches may be given equal weights by taking appropriate amount of courses from both fields. Graduates of our Department have the opportunity to get logistics engineering education provided that they continue their postgraduate education in the related institutions. Furthermore, as the importance of foreign language is obvious in foreign trade and logistics fields, our Department focuses on foreign language teaching also.


A significant part of our faculty is from the permanent academic members of SAS, Kadir Has University's Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences and other faculties. As our Department focuses on application, experienced personnel who are de facto working in foreign trade and logistics fields will also be benefited from. Our academic staff in applied education will be responsible to equip our students with the highest practical and application abilities.


Currently, within the frame of intense economical globalization, there is no company left without any relation with foreign trade and logistics. For this reason, working fields for graduates of SAS “Foreign Trade and Logistics Department” are quite wide. They can be employed in foreign trade, finance and logistics departments of all companies to find promising and reputable professional positions especially in import and export companies as well as in gradually increasing logistics firms. As the four-year SAS “Foreign Trade and Logistics Department” is equivalent to the departments of other faculties and higher education institutions giving education in the fields of economics, foreign trade, finance, banking, and logistics, our graduates shall also be granted the right to have all professions and specializations which the graduates of these schools may obtain.